There’s A Tree In That Seed!

In this post, I want to focus on a natural reality, that proves to be a spiritual principle we can all remember and apply in our lives.  I want to make a statement boldly, and then present you with some insights to help you receive the statements’ truth.  The statement is: There’s A Tree In That Seed!  Now, for the insights that I know will help you understand and appreciate the inherent power that is within you; the power of love, life, and creation, that defines each one of us as the offspring of God!

When you see a fully developed tree, you are actually looking at two things, 1) The Creative Source of Future Trees, and 2) The End-Result of The Transformation a Seed!
Every beautiful, fruit-bearing, life-giving tree began as a tiny seed.  It was small, seemingly insignificant, and fairly bland to the eyes as a thing of beauty.  However, it’s inner potential, and it’s unseen ability to become more that just a seed, makes it a very precious commodity of great value; though it is not readily apparent!
The seed is carefully selected based on based on the type of tree needed or desired; which is an indication that each tree has a purpose.  The seed in carefully planted into soil, conducive to its growth.  The seed is watered for moister, and is exposed to sunlight for life-giving heat and rays of light.
The seed then enters the “Germination” process, where the transformation from seed to tree begins.  It is in the germination phase that seed responds to the influences of water, heat, light, and time, to cultivate the internal substances ALREADY INSIDE THE SEED, so that a tree will literally “burst out” from the encasing of the seed husk.
Once the breakthrough has been made, the seed is referred to as a tree from that point forward.  Then, continued watering, heat, light, and time, will cause the tree to become bigger and bigger; to the point where the tree is mature enough to produce fruit with many more seeds inside!
Now, let’s apply this to our lives just a litte bit.  “You” are the seed of God.  A divine seed that has been carefully selected to fulfill a great purpose on the earth.  Right now, you may be small and seemingly insignificant; however, deep on the inside, you are FULL OF GOD-LIKE POTENTIAL!
Life is the germination process that waters us with experiences, matures us with heat, inspires us with LIGHT, and prepares us over time!  This germination of the human spirit continues to cultivate the INHERENT and ALREADY EXISTENT divine nature placed inside us by our Creator!  When it is our time, the outer shell of our unenlightened mind breaks open, releasing the God within us, opening the spiritual vision of our Third Eye, and allowing divine, unconditional love to flow from our lives!  We then grow, mature, and become fruit-bearing, seed-producing, trees, in the image and likeness of God!
Now, this is part you DO NOT want to miss.  EVERYTHING an apple seed needs to become a fruit-bearing, seed-generating tree, is ALREADY INSIDE THE SEED!  What is in the seed, simply comes out of the seed to reveal what was hidden inside; therefore, There’s a Tree In That Seed!
Now, you really DON’T want to miss this part.  EVERYTHING “You” need to become a fruit-bearing, seed-generating “god” is ALREADY INSIDE YOU!  What is inside you simply comes out of you, to reveal what Creator God put in you!  So if God is the tree, and you are the seed, then – There’s a Tree In That Seed!
Peace, Love, and LIGHT to you all!

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