All "Boxed" In!

Today, I have been doing something that is likely to cause trouble for myself… “thinking”.  For some reason, the idea of belief systems came to my mind while I was driving to work.

Inside the Box
Actually, I was discussing (with myself) the concept of “boxes” that we create for ourselves, in religion, politics, and in our general world-views.  These boxes, are inherently vessels of confinement, parameters, and boundaries that people ultimately become afraid of crossing – basically, boxes are catalysts of fear.  To be inside a box, one must mentally surrender to the idea that the box contains the “truth” concerning what the box represents.  For example, one may be inside the Christian box, or, the Catholic box, or, the Democratic box, or, the Republican box.  In either case, the people inside these ideological boxes have convinced themselves that anyone who is not in that same box, have not been exposed to the “truth”.

The box is a confined space that limits the scope of what a person is willing to expose themselves to. In other words, people who are inside an ideological box, have no desire to come out.  They are quite content, residing inside a place of limited opportunities, while outside the box itself is the unrestricted space of unlimited possibilities!  Yes, people who live inside boxes, cut themselves off from their God-ordained right, and purpose of limitless capabilities in unrestricted thought!

Outside the Box
Belief systems of any kind are simply “boxes” at the core, boxes that restrict freedom of thought.  Once a person realizes this, he/she can then begin their journey toward true liberation, enlightenment, and inner-peace.

The problem we have is that our physical body anchors us to this very physical dimension, so that we can exist under current earth conditions.  The physical aspect of our being, is, in and of itself, a box, a cage that restricts our physical bodies to the confines of the material world.

However, there is something truly awesome about us (humanity), we ARE NOT our bodies!  We exist as spiritual beings inside our bodies.  We are divine sparks of our Divine Creator, and we are composed of the same stuff as the Creator is!  This means, that while our bodies exist on the physical plain of time and space, the TRUE person we ARE, has access to the eternally unrestricted, and universal space, which is outside the physical box we call human life!  So, while our bodies have to adhere to the rules, parameters, and restrictions of physical earth existence, our minds can rise above the physical, to enjoy unrestricted peace, power, love, and light in the eternal space!

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