Being “Trans-Human”


Photo by: Charis Tsevis

I read an interesting article over at the Forbes site by Rob Enderle entitled: “Immortality: Is it here? Do you qualify? Do you want to live forever?”.  As those of you who know me are already aware, the idea of immortality as presented by the people at Global Future 2045 is very disturbing to me.  Any way, I responded to Rob’s very good article and I thought I would post my response to it here as well.  I think that my response is also a good mini-stand-alone article itself.  Pardon my arrogance here! 🙂 Peace and love to you all!

My Response…

While the real “You” is linked to the biological body, that body is not “You”, and one must be careful not to blur the already-thin lines in that regard. Having said that, the folks over at are already in the process of developing the immortality “offering”, and using it to “evolve” the human race into a new species by replacing our biological bodies and brains with technological prostheses and placing our consciousnesses inside. This is completely disturbing to me, as I personally maintain the view that such and endeavor severs the link we have with the Divine. No, I am not a bible thumper or religious fanatic, but I do believe that the real “You” is definitely connected to the biological body and; by extension, connected to the intelligent Creator… God. Take away our biological component, and we no longer have a means by which the human life can be preserved (propagated) for the survival of the species. If what these people are doing actually happens, humanity would be made extinct, and replaced with what they call “Trans-Humanity”. I, for one, am not on board with this!

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