It’s Time To "Grow Up"

Image By: JunBum Park

Every human being born to this planet is here for a purpose.  Each of us have our own purpose, and are each gifted/equipped accordingly, to fulfill it.  Yes, when we were born, we were prepackaged with the full potential to become, and excel at who we ARE as individual pieces of the whole body of humanity.  The thing to remember is that we were born with the “potential to become”, which indicates that there is a process that must take place to prepare us for the “becoming”.

Take a baby plant for example (also see my post There’s A Tree In That Seed! ).  A seed is planted, and after a period of time, it produces a sprout, a very small version of the full plant.  It has all the characteristics of the full plant, it is made up of the same material as the full plant, and in fact, it is the off-spring of the full plant; however, it is not yet a full plant – but it does have the potential.

This concept is also applicable to humans being the off-spring of God.  We are made in the image and likeness of God (Spirit), we are made of the same material as God (Spirit), and we even have the characteristics of God (Free-will, Creative Thought, Expression of Love, etc.); however, we are not initially able to perform at the level of God – but that does not mean that we never can!

Experiencing life on earth is the means by which we learn various lessons that shape us, mold us, and draw out of us the awesome potential to express the God in us, in a God-like manner.  Life matures us, and strengthens us spiritually.  Life teaches us hard lessons that builds our character, sharpens our minds, and increases our wisdom.  If we allow it, life grows us up to “perfection”, “maturity”, so that we can fully express the nature of God inside us – this is how the world is able to SEE God!

When we are baby spirits, we only have the “potential” to be like fully matured spirits.  When we become fully matured spirits through the process of growth in the living of life, we are then able to do what fully matured spirits do!  We can love, unconditionally.  We can forgive, genuinely.  We can demonstrate the person of God through our very own lives.  Jesus said it like this… “when you have seen me, you have seen the Father!”.  Yes, we can also say the same thing, because spiritual maturity brings you into oneness with God our Creator, our Father and, when we express God’s love to others, we ourselves are expressing the very person of God – when they see us, they see the Father!

Look at the world around you right now. Our planet is full of hatred, division, separatism, wars, and outright evil.  The only way to make a difference in this world is by being different from the world.  Our lives need to express the opposite of what the world expresses by its own nature, we need to express the nature of God.  Love, compassion, unity, and peace. This is what is needed by all of humanity, but they can only get it from those who have awakened their hearts and minds to the possibility of living “God-like”.

For the sake of all humanity, it’s time to “Grow Up!”.

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