Love Is Enough

This post is largely about being in the “will” or “mindset” of God, our Father and Creator.  So What is this “will” of God?  It is simply that which occupies God’s mind, that which God focuses on, that which God desires for all of his created children: to simply live our lives loving him and one another, which brings honor and glory to God.  For many people, the “will” of God is  illusive, mystical, and ever-fleeing; a goal that they can never seem to attain, because they are ever trying to “get in” it.  But I submit to you that God’s “will” is not something we get in; rather, it is a life-style that we are to live, which expresses the heart and mind of God – LOVE!

Now on to the big questions.  Does one have to be a Christian, or part of any religion to be in the “will” of God?  Emphatically, NO!  God is not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or any other religious follower.  Simply and biblically put, “God is love” (I John 4:8). Because love is who God is, when we express love we are expressing God.  Jesus came to teach us this, and show us how to live it, but mankind in our arrogance thought to improve upon the simplicity of Christ, and horribly complicated everything.  Jesus did not come to us so we could fragment, and separate into our denominational and religious boxes; Jesus came to unify us and show us that we are all one, and that we can also be one with God the same way he is!  But for most people, simply living a life of love and compassion towards others is not enough.

But the reality is this, Love is enough!  And, only our egotistical and self-righteous attitudes keep us from accepting this truth and giving ourselves over to the expression of God’s unconditional love.  It’s time to be honest with ourselves and one another, we are all each others keeper, and we are intimately connected to one another as children of our Father and Creator God.  Stop looking at other peoples faults, weaknesses, and shortcomings.  Stop judging other people.  Stop condemning other people.  If you really want to demonstrate how spiritual, and how close to God you are, then show other people the unconditional love of God.

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