The Gerbil Mentality

I am not going to sugar-coat anything in this post.  I will get straight to the point and share with you some information that will revolutionize your life if you will be willing to hear.  I have been thinking and meditating on the spiritual condition of humanity at large; specifically, us in America.  The general results of my analysis is that the majority of Americans are living in a daze; like mindless zombies who walk around without realizing they are dead!  But this is not the picture you are sold by society; no, no, no!  You are made to feel as though you are “normal” and that you “fit in”, and are given names and titles in support of this idea like: “Great American” and “Model Citizen”.  These names sound good, and they are labels that identify you as one of us!  This is not totally a bad thing though.  I mean, really, I want to surround myself by Great Americans and Model Citizens because the alternatives are much less appealing… and hazardous to my safety, peace of mind and general welfare, if you know what I mean.

So, why do I say we Americans are for the most part, walking around in a daze?  Because we are.  We have sacrificed our free will and ability to think for ourselves in order to be “normal” according to society which includes the aspect of religion.  We are sold the social package that says if you believe what government and religion tells you without question, then you are “normal” and are “one of us”!  If you are one who seeks truth… real truth, then you have to question things like our World View, Form of Government and Established Religions.  Why question them? Because I am one of a few people on this planet who believes and knows there is more to life, living and existence than what is taught in school, extracted from sermons, leaked by the media and revealed in the State of the Union address!  Sadly, most of us live our entire lives in reliance on these sources alone.  They believe what they are told, they live how they are told and yes, they even think how they are told!  Just like gerbils on a wheel, in a cage!

Have you ever watched a gerbil? They are cute, furry and tons of entertainment for the masters who keep them locked inside an illusion of freedom. Why do I say an illusion of freedom? Because the gerbil is made to think it is in a natural environment because the masters have provided pacifying luxuries to keep it happy and content.  For example, the gerbil wheel is there to allow the gerbil to exercise and stay fit for the ongoing illusion of freedom by tricking him into thinking he is running, but he is actually going nowhere and just… spinning his wheels!  He was designed and created to be free to roam and live without boundaries in an open and free environment, but the masters have taken the real freedom away and replaced it with a false freedom that keeps the little guy busy and occupied, wearing himself out, but going nowhere!

They even have gerbil cities!  These are large gerbil homes that the masters have provided for the gerbil at the low cost of dumbed-down thinking, blind-acceptance of whatever is given and the ongoing entertainment of living in the illusion.  The gerbil city has lots of tubes that cross, intertwine and intersect that gives the gerbil the illusion that it is freely roaming around in very upscale, polished and colorful tunnels.  Right on schedule, the gerbil will navigate the false tunnels in search of the food and water provided by the masters.  These yuppie gerbils have no idea that their journeys have all been done inside a cage that keeps them bound and confined at the very same time they think they have the ultimate freedom!

Why am I telling you this?  Because I don’t want you to end up like the gerbil; living in an illusion of freedom without the knowledge that it is actually NOT free!

You must understand that this life we have been given by God, our Creator is much more valuable than society wants you to believe.  You were created with purpose, power and spiritual provision to accomplish pure greatness in your span of life on this planet and in this time.  If you are not careful, society and its standards for normality, will keep you from achieving your greatness and the ability to use who you are to be a blessing to others.

No, I am not saying that you should be a wild-haired maverick and break all the rules of social order.  America is a wonderful place and I enjoy being an American with all my heart! But I am saying that you should be free enough to think for yourself, and question things that don’t make sense (which, by-the-way is a right of American citizenship).  The gerbil; in contrast, accepts whatever the masters give him because he has been tricked into believing that the creators of his illusion have his best intrest in mind; when actually, the masters only want to be entertained by the cute stupidity of the gerbil!

We are not gerbils, we are spiritual beings created by a spiritual Creator.  We are intelligent and profound.  We are elegant and wonderful. We are special and destined for greatness. Stop blindly accepting everything you are told by Washington Politicians, Media Personalities and Religious Leaders!

Research what politicians say so that their scare-tactics don’t have you running on a wheel in a cage!

Research for yourself what the media passes on to you as information and news; so that you are not waiting for the masters to drop food and water into the illusory cage of trust for you to consume and blindly accept!

Study the bible and other resources from history, archeology and science to see for yourself if the religious leaders are actually presenting you with the Word of God; so that you know for yourself if you are living in the light and love of God, and not deceiving yourself in the polished and colorful tubes of false hope and religion.

Do you think for yourself, with your own mind?  Or, do you have a “Gerbil Mentality” where you blindly accept whatever you are told for the entertainment of the masters and at the expense of your real freedom?

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