The Unboxing Process

From the day we were born, we were all placed inside some sort of ideological box, and most of us have been plunged into to numerous boxes.  Religious, political, scientific, sociological, and many other boxes, have been the foundation of whom we have become as individuals.

Boxes are designed to restrict, isolate, and restrain.  They hold us prisoner to ideals that limit our opportunity to grow beyond where we are.  Boxes are also deceptive, as they tend to cause those inside to feel superior to those outside the box.  This is because while inside a box, the only thing you know is inside that box, and soon you master its offerings because the offerings are so limited.  Instead of looking for a way to go beyond the box, most people simply stay there and demean anyone else who is not in there with them.  They feel as though they have attained the ultimate knowledge, and anyone who does not choose to get in, and stay in that box is an outsider.

We have to be very careful, because everyone of us is, at this very moment in some sort of idealogical box.  Some are content where they are and refuse to move on right now, and others of us are transitioning to the next larger box that expands and builds our knowledge, and spirituality; in short, we are “unboxing” ourselves.  This unboxing will continue until we step outside the final box, and into a state of spirituality and awareness where “labels” are no longer needed.

As long as we feel the need to label ourselves, we have not attained the pure spirituality.  Even those of us  who profess to be on an enlightened path are in boxes that are labeled with “Conscious”, “Aware”, “Awakened”, etc.  There is nothing wrong with these labels, but as with all labels, they were created for boxes!  One day soon, many will experience a shift in consciousness that will eliminate the need for any labels, and consequently, the boxes that go with them.  One day we will cease to be a something or another, and simply BE!

Until then, never be content with the status quo, mundane, and mediocre.  Always push and strive to step outside your current box, and into the next level of growth and experience that will lead you ultimately to your final unboxing.

Peace, light, and love to you all!

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