Hanging Out With God

reachingtogodToday, I decided to forego church attendance, and simply spend some time alone with God. I needed to step away from all the noise life seems to generate constantly, as a consequence of simply being alive. Sometimes, one just needs to hang out with God, and allow Him to whisper into your heart, things you specifically need. People always have something to say about what you are going through, and are dealing with in life, and their concern is much appreciated. And even though our friends and loved one’s sentiments are heartfelt, genuine, and well-intentioned, sometimes, one just simply needs a whisper of love, from our Father. God knows how to bring peace, healing, and comfort, with the simplicity, and power of His presence. Everyone, from time to time should just get quiet, slip away into a private place, and open your spiritual ear to listen for the true Word of God! While you are alone with God, hanging out with your Father, and listening to His healing spirit, you will discover just how close He is at all times. We are never alone, never isolated, never without our heavenly Dad’s protective arms embrace. So my message to you is this, miss a church service once in a while, and simply hang out with God. Your church isn’t going anywhere, it will be there next week, and when you go back, you will be enriched, empowered, and energized, to be a blessing to everyone there.

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