Political Parties: The Battle For Your Mind

It’s unfortunate that “we the people” are so divided against one another in terms of politics. I’m of the opinion, political parties are a strategically designed catalyst for division at the grassroots level, and reaps a bountiful reward in that business as usual in Washington is enabled to persist because of them. It may be cliche, but it’s also very true, there is power in numbers, and parties are a demonstrably effective way of ensuring division. This article is of course, my opinion, and I am willing to discuss and debate these thoughts in a civilized manner with anyone.

The Good

Political parties do serve a valuable purpose. The parties provide an ideological platform for citizens whose worldviews are similar or the same. The party’s leadership are representatives of the people, and conveys their concerns to both houses of congress in Washington. Parties are important for categorically gauging the pulse of the nation across multiple demographics. This information becomes topics of discussion on the congressional floors, and hopefully, will spur legislation that meets the needs of most Americans, even if the legislation is not a perfect match for everyone’s individual worldview.

The Bad

Political parties by default, encourages, promotes, and incites, radical ideology. In other words, political parties are vying for your mind! Parties want citizens to subscribe to the strictest definition of their tenets, and be ready to stand in defense of those ideals all the way to the ballot box. Republicans want you to think, act, and vote conservatively. Democrats want you to think, act, and vote liberally. Both want you to “think” their particular ideology is the best approach, and they both work very hard to capture your mind. The problem inherent here, is each party’s ideology is limited to their own estimation of right and wrong, and they demonize other views, even if those opposing views makes sense! They must hold true to the party line. This is limited thinking, and intentional narrow-mindedness.

The Ugly Truth

When a nation of hundreds of millions of people is divided by radical ideologies that are born of inflexible attitudes, and unwillingness to compromise, things get ugly pretty damned quick! The citizenry are literally, in some cases, at each others throats, and true debate of issues, falls victim to name-calling, and unwarranted demonizing of truly patriotic people. The conservative and liberal pundits intentionally fan the fires of division among the citizenry with the help of mass media, and social technologies. The division is so pronounced, that family members of opposing views can’t have intelligent discussions about politics, for fear of tearing the family apart. In yet some other cases, people of opposing political views are physically harmed because of their beliefs. There is nothing wrong with people have differences of opinion, and opposing views. The real problem is the state-generated, media-driven incitement of radical ideology, which invades people’s minds, and causes them to blindly consume ideology, rather than “think” critically about it. This is where America is today, divided by ideology, and on the precipice of civil disorder.

The Even-Uglier Truth

While “we the people” at the grassroots level are at each others throats in support of the party line ideology, the parties themselves are enjoying wonderful friendships, attending social affairs together, and enjoying expensive galas at ALL our expense! It’s true, and I will debate this with anyone. The Washington politicians may appear to be at odds with each other, but they are not as divided as they seem. In fact, I’m convinced political parties are tools to keep the citizens divided, so nothing of major significance is ever accomplished, because there aren’t enough people united to ensure the really important things get done! Just think about it for a minute. When “we the people” are united across party lines, big things are accomplished such as, the Women’s Rights, and the Civil Rights movements. Yes, there was stiff opposition in both cases, but the point is this, when enough people are united, the will of the people gets done! Strict adherence to political parties, and their associated ideologies, weaken the power of the people across the entire nation.

The Simple Truth

Americans need to stop allowing themselves to be mentally-hijacked by party ideologies, government propaganda, and mainstream media manipulation. It’s time to start thinking for ourselves. If there are republican or democratic ideals worth listening to, listen to them, debate them, and act on them if they are in the best interest of America as a whole. Political parties should not be what matters most, what’s in the best interest of all Americans should be what matters most, even if a particular ideal is not in accordance with your party affiliation.

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