I’m a Gamer 4 Life

What is a 50+ year young man doing playing video games? Having an amazing time of course! You should not be shocked, because the average age of gamers is 35. This means the gaming community is comprised of people from little kids, to… well, older kids, some of whom are 70+ years old. So, why do I game? Because I have been a gamer since they first came out. My first computer was a TI-99 4A, complete with a copy of an all-time classic, Space Invaders. This particular computer also had TI-BASIC, a programming language I used to write my first computer program. Of course, computers and programming languages have evolved dramatically since then, but I still enjoy writing computer programs, and playing games. Some of my favorite games I played back in the day with my wife and kids, are Halo, NBA Live, Madden, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedghog, and the one my sons and I loved the most – Call of Duty!

destinythegameThese days, I have a select several games I play, with Destiny being my number one jam baby! Destiny is the best of both worlds in terms of playing a FPS (first person shooter), and an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). With Destiny, I get to run objective-based missions, and get in the mix of facing other players in battle. In my opinion, Destiny is the game of the century! Some other games I play when I need to take a short break from Destiny are Overwatch, Elder Scrolls Online, and Gears of War. You can look these games up and see what they are about, but suffice it to say, I enjoy them immensely!

So, please save your breath if you’re going to tell me to act my age… because I already am. People enjoy doing different things in their free time, some like golf, or basketball, some like cooking, or sewing, and yet others like reading, or music. Whatever you like to do, enjoy it to the max, and never worry about what other people think. “Do you”, and let me “Do me”, because this brother right here is a gamer 4 life! 🙂







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